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Advance Point Of Sale System (POS) Rarl (Latest)




If you want to know how much inventory you have or how much each product sold, you can track this data in your store quickly and easily. As you do so, you can easily set up online orders and create them on the fly. We also offer a bunch of useful features like integration with Shopify, email marketing, photo uploading, a configurable product catalogue and free delivery. With our product tracker you can easily add products and track sales data. A feature called "Send me an email when…" lets you set it up to send you an email every time a product is sold or an order is placed. You can even set up the frequency of the emails you get. It's really easy to set up, and since we send email templates for each product that you sell, it looks professional. You can also edit your product tracking from the dashboard. Our product tracker automatically sends you reports every month on your sales, inventory, and running totals. You can generate a downloadable pdf for every report or you can easily export to Excel. If you have more than one store, you can link them together so all of your data from all stores is kept in one place. With our premium product tracker you have a lot more options to get real-time tracking data, including a real-time inventory. You can use this as an inventory management solution, or you can create custom reports and dashboards for your store. It's really easy to add products and track sales and inventory on the fly. Our inventory tracking tool also integrates with Shopify, emailing you when orders are placed, and it will export product inventory and sales data. The feed is an essential element of any RSS subscription, whether you use a desktop RSS reader like Outlook or Apple's iCal or a mobile RSS reader. You can control exactly what and when you see in your feed, and find out when new items arrive in your feed. Easily track your sales and inventory in real time with our comprehensive yet simple. Whether you run a liquor store or pizza restaurant, we're here to help you .



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Advance Point Of Sale System (POS) Rarl (Latest)

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